Adams County Wisconsin Log Homes for Sale

Adams County Wisconsin Log Homes for SaleAdams County is located in Central Wisconsin between Wisconsin Rapids and The Dells one of the hottest tourist spots in the entire midwest. Adams is more of a countryside farming & recreational area with a couple larger communities including; Adams, Grandmarsh, Arkdale, Dellwood, Friendship, Rome and Oxford. Enjoy some of the outdoor life on public land including; Colburn Wildlife Area, Upper Neenah Creek Fishery, Leola Marsh Wildlife Area and Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area to name a few...  Adams County, WI is located in the Center of the State north of Madison the Capital about 60 miles and is surrounded by 7 other Counties; Wood, Portage, Waushara, Marquette, Columbia, Sauk and Juneau. On this page you will find Hancrafted, Manufactured, Half, Full, Sawn, Squared, Swedish Cope, D-Log, Log Homes, Log Cabins, Rustic Log Cabins, in the woods, on water  and more located in this county listed by real estate agents.  Adams County, Wisconsin GIS MAP Information!

Log Cabins for Sale in Adams County Wisconsin

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The section below is populated by, a Landman Realty LLC website that scrapes WIREX which consists of about 9 Wisconsin MLS systems. You can register with the under “Advance Search”, recreate these types of Log Home Searches and have the new properties auto emailed right to you.  The residential properties below are populated by setting specified parameters from the advanced search settings which are also defined below.  Some properties may show up more than once because they fit multiple housing parameters. If no properties are present check back often or register with to setup an auto email search so you can be the first to know about new log cabins in Adams County! - REGISTER

Log Homes in Adams County WI

Exterior Log

Waterfront Log Cabins for Sale

Exterior Log with Waterfront

Log Homes on Acreage

Exterior Log with 1+ Acres

Types of Log Homes

Architecture Log Home - Newest on the Market First

Types of Log Building & Styles

  • Rustic Log Hunting Cabins
  • Log Lakefront Cottages
  • Luxury Waterfront Log Homes
  • Custom Handcrafted Log Homes
  • Manufactured Log Houses
  • Full Log
  • Half Log
  • Log Sided
  • Hewn Logs
  • Sawn Logs
  • Milled Logs
  • Square Log
  • Round Log
  • D-Logs
  • Swedish Cope 

Thinking about growing Corn, Oats, Soybeans, Wheat, Hay, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Barley, Rye, Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Beans, Peas, Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cranberries, Apples, Cherries, Tobacco, Berries, Grapes, Cucumbers, Wild Rice, Asparagus, Carrots, Onions, Ginseng, Garlic, Gourds, Mushrooms, Truffles and more... Buy a Wisconsin Farm TODAY!

Area Cites, Towns & Villages

  • Adams, WI 53910
  • Arkdale, WI. 54613
  • Bancroft, WI. 54921
  • Big Flats, Wisconsin
  • Big Springs, Wisconsin
  • Briggsville, WI. 53920
  • Brooks, Wisconsin
  • Brookside, Wisconsin
  • Coloma, WI. 54930
  • Cottonville, Wisconsin
  • Davis Corners, Wisconsin
  • Dell Prairie, WI. 53965
  • Dellwood, Wisconsin
  • Easton, Wisconsin
  • Easton, WI. 53910
  • Friendship, WI. 53934
  • Grand Marsh, WI. 53936
  • Hancock, WI. 54943
  • Leola, WI. 54943
  • Monroe Center, Wisconsin
  • Nekoosa, WI. 54457
  • New Chester, WI. 53952
  • New Haven, WI. 53952
  • New Rome, Wisconsin
  • Oxford, WI. 53952
  • Plainfield, WI. 54966
  • Plainville, Wisconsin
  • Preston, WI. 53934
  • Quincy, WI. 53934
  • Springville, WI. 53965
  • Strongs Prairie, WI. 54613
  • Westfield, WI. 53964
  • White Creek, Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI. 53965

Are you looking just for a little hobby farm to have some barnyard animals to raise or a full farming operation with livestock, equipment, buildings and farmland acreage to make a living lifestyle from?  Adams County, Central Wisconsin has all types and styles of farming.  From the small backyard shed raising a couple of eggs and an organic garden for fresh vegetables to the mid-sized family farm which supplies local stores and farmers markets to the large corporate scale farming operation producing high yields of grains, meats, diary, seeds and produce for larger markets.  There is a wide array of farming options in Wisconsin like producing livestock, sheep, poultry, cattle, crops, grains, corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, vegetables, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, hay, straw, alfalfa and even fish with ponds and Aquaponics systems.  Start planning and planting the seeds for your future in Central Wisconsin today!

Adams County, WI Log Cabins for Sale

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