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Wisconsin Log Homes for Sale 

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Building a Wisconsin Log Home

How to build a Log Home?

One of the first steps of building a log home or log cabin is to purchase a suitable parcel of Wisconsin Land for Sale.  Depending on what type of log home you want to build consider land evaluation for a walkout deck or full walkout basement.  Keep in mind the position of the log cabin for lake views, privacy and seclusion issues even if you’re planning on building in the woods. 

The next step is deciding to build the log home or log cabin yourself, using a log home builder or general contractor.

Kits, Blueprints, Packages, General Contractor, Log Home Builder or Do it yourself?

  • What are some of the option for building a log home?
  • Hiring a log home builder – Don’t settle for just anyone take your time and pick a good well known log home builder or general contract.  Look at photos of homes they have built in the past maybe arrange to look in side recent build to see construction quality.
  • Build the log cabin yourself – This could be a couple year journey for some with life long rewards but remember your dream might not be someone elses.  So if you plan on selling someday think of things others may want in a log cabin not just your wants.
  • Buy a log home kit or package.  Normally you can get 1 of 3 type of log home kits. #1 a shell which mainly consist of the walls and roof.  #3 Turn Key this has everything so you can walk right in and start enjoying your new log home or Log cabin.  #2. is in-between 1 and 3 were you might need to buy/install electrical, pluming, cabinets, add rooms, etc… 
  • Buy log home floor plans and blueprints – Be sure you buy quality plans from a reputable company who used professional engineers / architects to design the blueprints.   The most beautiful log home might not be the best structural design or used layout!
  • Design your own log home using pencil and paper or using a computer software program.  Consult with a engineers and a architects for code and structural advice.
  • Have an architect design your log cabin plans for you or your log home builder.  Give him some idea by looking for photos, videos and personally visiting log homes or your choose.
  • You and also buy an existing log home or cabin right here from LogHomes-WI.com!!!

Part of this process will also be to choose what type of log cabins you would like to build; a modern day rustic log home, ½ logs, log siding -   Types of Log Homes (Link)

How to build a log home?http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Log-Home
Finding Log Home Builders -
Land for building a log home
https://land-wi.com or https://lake-wi.com for waterfront log cabins.
Construction Manual for Log buildings
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Building a Wisconsin Log Cabin

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